"Perhaps a change of season will bring,
A new romance to make my heart sing,
So, I'm waiting, waiting for spring."

Music by Joe Negri
Lyrics by Lou Tracey

"Caravan" from my CD, "Uptown Elegance"

Hi – I guess we've all been "waiting for spring". It's been a rough, long, and rather tiresome winter. Hopefully it's behind us and we can move on.

March has gotten off to a rather nice start musically speaking anyway. We had a wonderful time down at The Lincoln Park School for the performing arts. Always great to be able to spend time with the head honcho, Mr. Sal Aloe. Max Leake, Tony DePaolis, Tom Wendt and I did a concert at the Black Box theatre on the 20th of March. Great venue, great crowd and everyone had a " ball". The following week we went back to one of our favorite music spots, The Carnegie Music Hall in Carnegie. Our good friend Maggie Forbes invited us to be a part of the 120th Celebration of Carnegie. The event honored a long time friend of the borough of Carnegie, Mrs. Marcella McGrogan. Wonderful event and everyone seemed to have a great time.

We're gearing up for several things in April. We'll be at the Omni Wm. Penn Hotel on Friday the 18th. My guest will be the wonderfully talented pianist, arranger Mr. Daniel May. Hope you can stop by. Incidentally, the crowds have been just terrific at the Omni dates. Later in April (on the 26 and 27 to be exact) we'll be with Thomas Douglas and his wonderful Bach Choir. We're doing my Mass of Hope (a Mass in the Jazz Idiom) at the Hazlet Theatre on the North Side of Pittsburgh. Hope you put that one on your calendar. Contact Bach Choir of Pittsburgh for more info and ticket information.

May starts out rather sharply with a couple of events on the 1st and 2nd. I will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award in TV on the first at the Lemont restaurant in Mt Washington. The award is being presented to me by M.A.P. (media association of Pittsburgh). Needless to say, I'm quite honored.

Following that we will be playing for an old friend on May 2nd, the Honorable Judge Frank Lucchino. The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is honoring Judge Lucchino for his years of service as a board member.

My guest at the Omni Wm. Penn on friday May 16th will be my long time associate, friend, pianist and web master Mr. Max Leake. Stay tuned for more music coming up in the summer. Meanwhile "happy spring" to all.


P.S.: don't forget to visit my e store and check out other highlights on the site. My thanks to Max Leake for his superb handling of the web site. What a Renaissance man.

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