"The Summer Smiles for she knows all,
More than winter spring and fall.
She knows the young, the fools, the old
Now one more story to be told."

Music by Joe Negri
Lyrics by Lou Tracey

"Caravan" from my CD, "Uptown Elegance"

Summer has arrived, at least on the calendar anyway. Let's hope that the weather will match the time of year.

I'm really looking forward to this summer. Last year was a bit rough to put it mildly, I was in the throes of some serious diverticulitis issues that ended with my having surgery last July. What a difference a year can make. I 'm happy to report that I'm feeling good and I'm once again enjoying a normal life style.

Here are a few interesting dates that are coming up this summer. We'll be doing a party on the 11th of June at the Pgh. Golf Club for our good friend Elsie Hillman and the Ladies Auxiliary. On Friday June 13th we'll be back at the Omni Wm. Penn with my good friend Jeff Lashway on piano. We're playing the Omni a week early this month because we'll be joining the Pgh Symphony Orchestra for four concerts, June 19 thru 22 featuring Megan Hilty. Megan is the star of T.V's "Smash" and has also appeared in "Wicked". She will be doing a salute to Frank Sinatra, Megan sing's "Ole Blue Eyes." Looking forward to that one.

July promises to be good. A few highlights include: The Omni Wm. Penn on Friday the 18th and The Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival on Sunday July 27th. The Festival, one of the best in the country, will be held in Wheeling WV at the Heritage Port Stage. We're scheduled to appear from 1:45 to 3:15 PM. We're looking forward to the Festival. We had to miss last years because of "health issues". We'll be sure to try and get in a little R and R this summer as well.

Hope your summer is a good one. Be sure to visit the web site. Our web-master Max Leake is busy getting the guitar book "One Guitar" up on the website as we are writing this.

Take care and keep swingin',

P.S.: don't forget to visit my e store and check out other highlights on the site. My thanks to Max Leake for his superb handling of the web site. What a Renaissance man.

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