"The trees say they're through
They've born too much fruit;
Charmed all the wayside, there's no dispute,
Now shedding leaves they don't give a hoot.
La di da, la di da 'tis autumn'...

From "Tis Autumn" by Henry Nemo

"Caravan" from my CD, "Uptown Elegance"

Well the leaf shedding has not begun but it will be starting you can bet on that. All is well and summer seemed to fly by quickly. Wow, Labor Day is right ahead of us. It was an enjoyable time. It's always fun to be off and to be free to come and go as you please.

There were several enjoyable concerts and musical club dates over the past couple of months. The Italian Festival in Wheeling, WV. in July was a memorable one. The fall semesters are already beginning to take shape. I started at Pitt last Monday and will be seeing my Duquesne students right after Labor Day. It's great to be able to continue with my jazz guitar teaching.

The fall music season is also beginning to take shape with several concerts and music dates. Some highlights include: a gala for the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust on September 6th with some of the Pittsburgh Jazz Legends. It will be an outdoor event in town and I'll be joining Frank Cunimundo, Roger Humphries, Etta Cox and others for a special salute to Pittsburgh Jazz. On the 19th I'll be back at the OMNI Wm. Penn with my friend and pianist extraordinaire Max Leake. There is fundraiser for Animal Friends on the 27th that will take place at the Animal Friends headquarters in the North Hills.

October promises to be quite busy with several more club dates and concerts coming up. Check the website calendar for more information.

A quick note regarding the Joe Negri Scholarship Fund: I thank you if you were able to send along a donation in support of the fund. If you haven't done so we would appreciate hearing from you. The fund is to benefit future jazz guitar students coming to Duquesne University. There is more info available on the home page.

My thanks again to Max Leake for helping me to keep this website updated and current. Happy Labor Day to all and the best to all for the fall season.

La di da 'tis autumn,

P.S.: don't forget to visit my e store and check out other highlights on the site. My thanks to Max Leake for his superb handling of the web site. What a Renaissance man.

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