"Who knows what the day (year) will bring or what's ahead
Just face the day in your special way
Enjoy each minute"

What's Ahead
Words and Music by Joe Negri

"The Best Thing For You Would Be Me" from my CD, "Uptown Elegance"


Well 2015 has taken its final bow and we now welcome in the New Year 2016. I would like to take this time to extend special New Year greetings to all my friends and musical associates. Thanks to all of you for your support and your friendship.

Here's a somewhat personal look back at the year that was:

It was a year of somewhat mixed feelings. Overall things were positive, although there were a few downturns. Probably one of the tougher ones was the bringing to an end of the Friday sessions at the Omni Wm. Penn. It was a great long run and I personally will miss it very much. "C'est la vie"

On a sadder note: we lost some very close friends this past year. I'd like to mention just a few. Long time friend and drummer H.B. Bennett, Our favorite singer and musical associate Maureen Budway, and last, but not least, the wonderful Mrs. Elsie Hillman.

We had a couple of great concerts with Mike Tomaro and the Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra. One was special to me because it included a set of songs by your's truly and my longtime lyricist partner Lou Tracey.

My "Mass of Hope" continues to be played and sung and had a couple of nice airings this past year. Paul Tele, musical director at St. Ignatius, Church in Baltimore, MD featured the "Mass of Hope" on two different occasions. Also thanks to Father Richard Infante, we had the opportunity to do the "Mass" at Our Lady of Grace Church in Scott Twp.

Looking ahead to next year: We pray for peace and an end to gun violence. Also, our prayers go out to the homeless and to the immigrants who are being driven from their homelands. And lastly, our best wishes go out to all of you. We wish you joy, good health and prosperity. May 2016 bring you everything you've always dreamed for.

Musically yours,

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