Then when autumn says "hello"
I know my mood will change.
But season moods come and go,
Autumn won't seem so strange.

And When the Summer Ends
Music by Joe Negri
Lyrics by Lou Tracey

"God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" from my CD, "Guitars for Christmas"


I'm a tad late getting back to you. I hope all is well with you.

Our summer went well. We finished up our stint at the Omni William Penn after a better than five year run. The musical shows in the Terrace Room were well attended and well received. We did musical salutes to Pittsburgh songwriters, Johnny Mercer, and Harry Warren. There are a couple other special gigs that I'd like to mention. I really enjoyed my solo appearance as guest with the great Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra, conducted by Mike Tomaro (www.mike

My "Mass of Hope" was performed at St. Ignatius Church in Baltimore, MD. We also did a local performance of the Mass at Our Lady of Grace Church in Scott Township. It was well attended and the congregation was very well pleased. Special thanks to our young new cantors: Natalie Tomaro and John Clay. You were both superb. We thank you and look forward to working with you bother again soon.

School is in full swing. I'm back at Duquesne University and Pitt. Classes are going quite well and I have some very good jazz guitar students.

I'd like to mention a special concert coming up on November 9th at Duqusne University. Mike Tomaro and the Pittsburgh Jazz Orchestra will be presenting the music of Joe Negri and Lou Tracey. Lou and I have been writing songs together for some time and we have a collection of about 30 songs to our credit.

In closing, November is a special birthday month in the Negri family. Birthday greetings to my granddaughter Nina, and daughters Laurie and Gia. My wife Joni and I will also be celebrating an anniversary on November 6th.

Let's remember the friends who left us this year. We will really miss Maureen Budway, HB Bennett, Phil Woods, Bob Ponical, and our special friend Elsie Hillman.


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